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[{"title:":"Pure Evil Black Ink! The Tattoos of OILBURNER","description:":"Unholy fuck, I really dig the tattoo work of OILBURNER!!! He combines two things that I love: SoCal Gangland graffiti and Black Metal iconography. Looking at his work almost gives me the feeling that I’m at the gates of hell itself. Within the mayhem ..."},{"title:":"Five More Awesome Heavy-Metal Mascots","description:":"And so Overkill's silly-looking mascot, "Chaly," was born. It's metal as hell, but also ridiculous in a Spinal Tap kinda way. On album covers this beast can be seen shooting green lasers out of its eyes, giving it even more evil cred, but let's face it ..."},{"title:":"A.I. systems to surveil human activity and report to the CIA","description:":"Looking down. It’s become a social construct in this transhuman ... cerebral cortex cyborg embeds or for folks sporting the latest wearable bicycle tech and tattoo fashion trends. But most users maintain their simplistic bow-down position."},{"title:":"40 Magical Moon Tattoo Designs","description:":"It is believed that many evil powers come into their ... There is also a theory that a woman looking at the moon during her menstrual cycle will get relief from her pains. The significance of moon tattoos includes female power, divine light, intuitions ..."}]